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Managed Capacity

Managed Capacity

A growing number of business leaders have come to the realization that organizations are better served if they stay focused on their core competencies like product innovation and strategy. However, do you really know what tomorrow will look like - let us take that risk for you.

Our Managed Capacity practice will provide staffing for you at scale and on-demand, eliminating the need to deal with hiring activities including training, onboarding and ramp down Act Digital’s Managed Capacity offering is designed to adapt to your organization’s ecosystem with a specific end goal to increase your operational efficiency.

We will take end to end ownership of projects and manage them with our very own team of subject matter experts that bring in decades of industry leading experience across key function areas like Enterprise Data, Infosec and Cyber Security, Infrastructure Engineering, Software development, Analytics to name a few. Whether you are looking for a trusted partner to become part of your team to deliver IT initiatives or develop a new automation framework, Act Digital will deliver measurable results based on predefined success criteria.


  • Offload operational burdens.
  • It is agile and cost-effective
  • Improve visibility and scalability.
  • Focus resources on more strategic activities.
  • Improve service levels and user experiences.
  • Enhance remote and hybrid work.
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With the technology landscape evolving constantly, it’s time to let go of the time-consuming job of finding tech talent and rely on talent experts.

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We aid the health care industry to meet the dynamic technological trends that can evolve their segment efficiently.