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Anchoring your business with the best in class curated talent solutions

Creating the best with sheer hard work!

Act Digital Consulting is a prominent consulting and talent management company. We are a dynamic team catering to customer solutions and talent strategy for over 40 years. Our expertise in identifying, developing, and delivering high-performing consultants across industries is noteworthy. With our enthusiastic and dedicated network of five thousand consultants, we offer unparalleled offering to our clients.

We believe that the the modern workforce is changing like never before, forcing everyone to re-evaluate how staffing models are defined. As an extension or your staffing strategy, our experienced team will assist your organization design the right integrated strategic sourcing plan that delivers true results.

Why choose Act Digital for consulting services.

Finding the right people is rarely easy. It takes time, dedication, and expertise. With our 40+ years of clarity, experience, and confidence we deliver the best. At Act Digital, we understand that a company does not just hire candidates, they add to their family. Every candidate with the right set of skills is chosen to reach their full potential and deliver best work to the organization.

We are Committed to Quality

Quality is the first checkpoint in finding talents. We are steadfast in delivering quality and inspiring candidates to enrich your business with their skill sets.

We Care About Your Business

We help organizations solve business challenges to reach set milestones. Headed by our experienced team we build core competence and resolve key talent management issues.

We deliver what we promise:

We love doing what we do, and it shows! Our dedicated and experienced team delivers on what we excel in.

Kevin Tassone

Founder and Managing Partner

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Waseem Akram

Founder and Managing Partner

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Chris Bosco

CCO and Executive Principal

Katelyn Labrijn

Account Manager

Our Values

Our core values and ethos inspire and guide us every day. We deliver what we promise, and our work shows. Understanding your business, and generating ideas and strategies to give the best-of-best approach to solve your business is what we excel  in. Our client-centric approach makes our process efficient and creates an agile workforce. 

Act Digital operates at all levels, stays connected to the details, audits frequently, and is skeptical when metrics and anecdote differ. Every task, whether large or small, receives the same dedicated attention.

Thinking small is a self-fulfilling prophesy. At Act Digital, we work tirelessly to create and communicate a bold direction and solutions that inspire quantifiable results. We think differently and take a panoramic view of our landscape. Our goal is to find creative ways to serve our customers.

Earning and inspiring customer trust permeates every aspect of our business. We always start with the customer and work backwards. Although we pay attention to competitors, we obsess over our customers.

Act Digital benchmarks itself and our teams against the best in class. We listen attentively, speak candidly, and treat others with respect. We are self-critical, even when it might be awkward for us. We believe teamwork is the genesis for innovation.


To bring excitement, optimism and a sense of belonging at the workplace , Act Digital understands the importance of broadening perspectives and connecting at a human level with our clients and consultants alike. We embrace individual differences and empower every individual to bring the best out of them. An inclusive culture is the heart of our business.

We believe in bringing out and accepting people’s true selves. We prefer being listeners to enhance communication, and compassion and to prioritize inclusion.

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