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Our Principal Executives

While not everyone requires executive leadership at all times, there are critical moments when gaining immediate access to the finest and most accomplished individuals becomes paramount. Our Fractional Executive Practice is designed to match your specific business requirements with exceptional leaders who can empower you to achieve tangible outcomes immediately.

Our executive team members boast an impressive average experience of 20 to 30 years across diverse fields, industries, and roles, encompassing startups, private enterprises, federal agencies, public institutions, and corporate organizations.
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Chris Bosco

Digital Officer & Technology Executive

Chris Bosco is an accomplished, multi-faceted senior executive with over 25 years experience in developing and implementing digital transformational strategies designed to propel revenue, optimize operations, and enable rapid, sustainable organizational growth.

He has worked with B2B and B2C clients across 6 continents spanning a multitude of industries including retail, manufacturing, consumer goods, communication, entertainment, accommodation, agriculture, travel, non-profit and government/public sectors.

Tim Bates

Technology Officer & Innovator

Tim is a seasoned IT Professional with an inspiring, innovative thinking reputation. Tim brings a wealth of knowledge and success stories across security solutions, application development, virtual adoption, and infrastructure consulting. Tim is future-focused, leveraging next-gen technologies to exceed client expectations while maximizing productivity to deliver economic value to his partners. His previous experience with General Motors, Deloitte, PwC, Dow Chemical, the US Marshal’s Office, and the US Marine Corp enable Tim to draw upon 30 years of experience to solve the complex challenges facing large organizations today.

Jennifer Cawley

Reputation, Communication and PR Executive

Jen Cawley is an experienced reputation manager with more than 25 years’ proven experience helping organizations evolve through brand purpose. She helps transform insights into scalable strategies through the lens of purpose, CSR, sustainability, brand culture, communication, and crisis management. Jen excels at creative problem solving and has developed award-winning strategies for B2C and B2B clients across sectors including consumer goods, retail, restaurant, food and beverage, travel, lifestyle, and non-profit. Jen is a sought-after speaker and workshop facilitator, a contributor to the Purpose Advantage book series, and is on the training faculty with ANA.

Dr. Anthony Rhem

Technology, Transformation and KM Executive
Dr. Anthony J. Rhem, is a renowned thought leader, author, and consultant in AI, Knowledge Management, Big Data, and Innovation. With 30+ years of experience, Tony is a best-selling technology author and international speaker. His expertise includes AI Leadership, Ethics, Governance, and Strategy, making him a sought-after board member and corporate advisor. Tony empowers senior leadership to embrace emerging technologies and implement AI, Digital Transformation, and Knowledge Management practices. A visionary in the field, his passion for driving positive change and fostering innovation has earned him global recognition. Dr. Anthony J. Rhem continues to shape the future of technology, inspiring organizations worldwide to harness the power of AI for sustainable growth.

Todd Marquardt

Networking and Security Executive

Todd Marquardt is an exceptional technology executive with over 25 years of experience, integrating business and IT strategy; leading digital cloud and SaaS transformations; delivering value at speed; and building scalable IT organizations.   He is a leader in transforming organization and business processes using SaaS, Cloud, automation, business intelligence, ERP, and CRM systems.  He is an expert in utilizing Agile, Centers of Excellence, and Citizen Developer models to deliver value at speed while maturing organization Controls, Audit and Security posture.

Junaid Asifali

Enterprise Architect Executive
Junaid is passionate about building scalable and secure cloud solutions that improve business outcomes and empower people. With over 20 years of experience spanning both startups and enterprises, he works with a cross-functional team of engineers, designers, and product managers to design, develop, and deploy cloud-based applications and services that deliver on the business strategy and goals of the organization.